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Thank You For Choosing Us To Be Your Medical Home

 What is a Patient-Centered Medical Home or PCMH?

 A PCMH is a physician office where healthcare professionals work as a team to provide you with care that is individually determined to meet your specific needs. Healthcare team members strive to know you and your preferences regarding your care and they remember these details. They take the time to answer your questions and help you decide what treatment is best for you. Under this new approach to healthcare, YOU are an important member of the team. Your role is to openly communicate with the healthcare professionals. Ask questions. Let the team know when you don’t understand something. Make the team aware of the medications you are taking, including vitamins and home remedies.  Tell us of medical care you have received from specialists or other health care providers.  Make the team aware of health or life changes you have experienced since your last visit.


What is NCQA?

NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance) is a national, non-profit organization that has been a central figure in driving healthcare improvement since 1990. NCQA focuses on elevating the issue of healthcare quality to the top of the national agenda.


How does this practice get NCQA recognition as a PCMH?

This office submits documents to NCQA to show whether the practice meets or exceeds medical office standards established by NCQA (Of course these documents will contain no confidential information that can identify any patient).  NCQA carefully reviews the documents to determine if the practice adheres to the standards. When NCQA determines a practice is meeting or exceeding the standards, the medical office receives national recognition.


Can you give me examples of these standards?

Yes. Here are a few. A practice:

  • Has readily accessible, clinically useful information enabling the healthcare team to treat patients comprehensively
  • Maintains continuous relationships with patients by implementing evidence-based guidelines and applying them to identified needs of individual patients.
  • Collaborates with patients and their families to pursue goals for optimal achievable health
  • Seeks to reduce medical errors and improve efficiency by eliminating handwritten prescriptions and by using drug safety checks and cost information when prescribing


How Does This Transformation to PCMH Affect You?

It is a proactive healthcare delivery. This is a new way of thinking about your healthcare. We’re no longer waiting for you to walk in our door. We’re actively assisting in your management before you reach our door.

A PCMH offers you an opportunity t receive the care you think you should be receiving. Medical Home team members:

  • Are accessible and easy to communicate with
  • Know you and your medical history
  • Help you to better understand your medical condition
  • Coordinate the care you get with other medical professionals