Center for Family Health

About Us

Center for Family Health (CFFH) has been serving the local Whitehouse area since 1989.

As Board Certified Family Physicians, we take care of the whole family.


Our Mission Statement

 Our goal is to provide the best medical care we are capable of and to make our patients and each other feel welcome, respected and cared about.

 The Center For Family Health Staff


CFFH thanks you for using the doctors here as your team of doctors along with your primary doctor.

 Dr. Lucille Len has been the medical director of CFFH since 1989.

Dr. Len is not doing as many well exams (physicals/paps and annual wellness visits) to permit her to concentrate on seeing patients mainly for medical illnesses/concerns and medical management issues. You will be requested to make appointments for your well exams with the other doctors. Seeing the other doctors for well exams is a great way to meet them; so if you are ever acutely ill and Dr Len is not available, you will have already met the other doctors.

However, of course, Dr Len will do well exams on anyone who requests a special appointment. Please note, if you have a specific problem to evaluate – the visit is no longer a wellness visit and the reason for the visit is changed and you will need to make another appointment for a wellness visit.

Dr. Len is not available on Wednesdays and has office hours the rest of the weekdays and every other Saturday.

Dr. Len is also available for special appointments to accommodate patients unable to get out of work for a regular appointment time.

Dr. Hallit has been caring for CFFH patients since 2009. She is here Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.

Dr. Gopalam has been with CFFH since December 2016. Her office hours are on Mondays and Thursdays.

Dr. Amendolara had been at CFFH 2006 to 2009 and left to expand his personal interests in non-opiod methods to treat chronic pain. He has returned and his office hours are on Thursdays and two Saturdays per month.


Hospital Affiliations:

Although there are three local hospitals (RWJ Barnabas Health in Somerville, Hunterdon Medical Center & Morristown Memorial Center), Drs. Len & Hallit are presently attendings at RWJ Barnabas Health in Somerville . Both Drs. Len & Gopalam are attendings at Morristown Medical Center and both Drs. Hallit & Amendolara are in the process of becoming attendings at Morristown Medical Center. If admission to hospital is needed, CFFH utilizilizes hospitalist groups in each hospital who care for our patients and send the patient back to us when the patient is discharged. 


We are Board Certified Family Physicians.

This means the physicians need to fulfill yearly continuing medical education requirements in addition to passing the American Board of Family Medicine Certification Exam every 7-10 years (depending on which track/program the doctor is on).


What is a the difference between an MD or DO physician?

The primary difference is the type of post-graduate school they attend. MDs (Medical Doctors) attend a college or school of medicine, and DOs (Dr. of Osteopathy) attend an Osteopathic College. Historically, the philosophies of the two disciplines were quite different: MDs being trained more in the use of drugs and surgery to treat symptoms and causes of illness, DOs relied more on addressing the organic cause(s) of disease or illness. Osteopathy emphasizes the role of the musculoskeletal system in illness and disease, yet still incorporates drugs and surgery as valid treatment modalities. It is important to realize that both MDs and DOs complete 4 year post-grad programs, and must pass the same licensing exam to be admitted to practice. Over the past several decades, the line between the two disciplines has become less and less defined. MDs and DOs practice side-by-side in most hospitals, and many practice groups are made up of a combination of the two types of diplomates.


This office is striving to be a premier PCMH (Patient Center Medical Home).

In the past, most patients just went to the doctor when they did not feel well.

PCMH is a more proactive type of healthcare delivery; we reach out to you.

When you choose Center for Family Health as your primary care physicians (PCP), we take it seriously and want to keep you well. BUT we need your help to do this.

  • We need baseline information on your medical history, social history, family history, allergy history, current medication list, names of other doctors you presently see (e.g. your cardiologist, gynecology).
  • We need you to keep us updated when there are changes in your medications.
  • Please have all specialists send us a consult letter so we can follow along with what the specialist is doing.
  • Expect this office to send you reminders if you are overdue for bloodwork or a physical exam or immunization vaccines or colonoscopy, etc.